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Most efficient way of acquiring attuned (infused) ring

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So basically I only play this game for WvW, however It would be nice to be able to min max my build and I was wondering the best and most efficient way of getting the 3 slot infusion rings.

However the catch is I cannot bare pve. I can't understate this fact, it feels like the most hated chore imaginable for me. So I'm sort of hoping there's some way that I've failed to discover in which to get these rings without grinding pve (perhaps a way to exchange gold for relics?)

However If pve is the only possible way, advice on how to get it over with as quickly as possible would be greatly appreciated.

Cheers guys

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  • Requires Fractal mastery rank 2
  • everything else can be bought cheap off the TP


  • requires 1 Shard, 3 Globs and 5 Vials of Condencesed Mist Essence all of which are account bound
  • can drop driectly but chances are low of getting these ad on just the right ring

Given you are likely not runnin T4, you will have to exchange Fractal Relics for the account bound items which results in total cost of:1 Shard (300 FR) + 3 Globs (100 FR each) + 5 Vials (30 FR each) = 750 Fractal Relics needed.

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@Lilyanna.9361 said:You HAVE to do PvE to prep for WvW.You don't have to. Having attuned|infused rings versus only offers +30 stats over ordinary rings. That's a difference that won't matter in most situations for most players. It's worth doing if you can already afford it (or don't know what to do with your materials|currency). It's only critical if you typically go up against players that are somewhat better than you. It won't help against those much more skilled and you can already dominate those much less skilled.

@"Doug.4930" wrote

perhaps a way to exchange gold for relics

Sort of.

For somewhat under 1500 gold, you can complete the Ascended Recycling collection. (No PvE required; just gold.)

This gives you the Fractal Reliquary, which offers a random selection of three items for a cost of exactly 25 relics; you are allowed to choose one per day. About 5-10 times a month, the option is a Simple Infusion, which costs 25 fractal relics. This simple infusion can then be resold for 75 relics, a net gain of 50.

Based on @Cyninja.2954's math which says you need 750 relics, you could start with 25 relics + 1500 gold, and after less than two months, you'd parlay your 25 relics into 750.

Worst case scenario to gain 25 relics? Repeating any of the easiest fractals at 5 relics each (on a day when they aren't a daily). Best case: a single fractal when it's one of the dailies (probably requires some juggling of currency).

tl;dr you can sort of turn 1500 gold and a couple of fractal sessions into the require currency, with some patience, avoiding 95% of the usual PvE requirements

PS chances are pretty good that someone with whom you WvW also does fractals and they can carry you, so you don't even have to PvE at all.

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The rings sold by the Skirmish Supervisor are already infused, and you can equip two of them. You can choose any stat you want from it, provided you own the expansion that the stat became available.

Attuning them is another story though. Though it is trivially cheap to do, you need Fractal Attunement Mastery to do so. That may need some PVEing! (Only on Core Tyria thankfully).

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@"Schimmi.6872" said:This would also be an option: https://wiki.guildwars2.com/index.php?title=Tyrian_Exchange_VoucherBut it's also not cheap/easy to get that.

Good tip, for a variety of reasons. The Weekly Jorbeaker vendor in Hoelbrak is offering the vouchers during Dragon Bash for 10 jorbreakers, which can currently be acquired for 5.25 gold each, i.e. for ~100g (this week and Monday-Tue), you can acquire 200 fractal relics, which is a lot better than 1500 gold to acquire the reliquary.

Personally, I'd use the voucher for other currencies, a list of which you can find on the wiki:https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Tyrian_Exchange_Voucher

PS thanks @Doug.4930 for keeping us posted with your plans.PPS check with your WvW buddies; I'm sure there's some willing to carry you through some fractals for less than 1300 gold.

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