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Getting low fps with a relatively good computer

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I have an Intel Core i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40Hz, 8GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 750 TI and I get 80 fps in empty places but it drops to 30-40 fps when I'm fighting a boss or when I'm at a WvW.I've already overclocked a little and got the last update to my NVIDIA using NVIDIA Experience.Am I suppose to get this kind of graphic lag ( because of my system requirements aren't enough to run GW2) or maybe there's something wrong with my computer? I'm running all my settings inside the game on low.Thanks for the help.

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GW2 is pretty poorly optimized for modern era computers. Getting 30-40 fps around world bosses or big zergs is quite normal no matter how good your GPU/CPU is.You may gain minor improvement in FPS by upgrading your GPU. GTX 750 ti is getting quite old anyway at this point.

You should be able to run GW2 at medium-high settings with your current build and having fps around 50+ or 30~ at high playercount areas.Turning ON "Effect LOD" and dropping "Character Model Limit" and "Character Model Quality" to high or medium have huge improvement in FPS during zergs.

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@sYoX.4791 said:

@"Holgarf.6581" said:There's nothing wrong with that. If you want to claw back extra FPS, especially in mega busy areas or meta events, turn the model quantity down to low and set reflections to terrain and sky only.

So if i want higher FPS i should buy a better grapich card ?

The settings Holgarf mentioned are related to the CPU for the most part.

GW2 is very limited by the CPU not the GPU, so if you want to get better FPS that's what you'll have to upgrade, be aware though that this won't magically give you 60+ fps everywhere and in heavy populated areas/events you may still drop a few frames.

30-40 is actually pretty good in such events and you don't need to play on everything low. The most intensive settings which affect CPU are: Character Model Limit + Quality, Shadows and Reflections. You'll also want to untick the "Show all Player Names" option, which also affects FPS. The other options I didn't mention can be handled quite well with the 750ti.

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