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Hi I'm new!

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Hi everyone! Just gave up the WOW and started a new adventure in Guild Wars 2!

(forgive my overt enthusiasm, please)This game is amazing! I love how my character is voiced and has a unique story based on what I've chosen, it's so cool! I feel more invested in the story and characters. The game world is also really beautiful, I love just exploring around.

So far I'm just walking everywhere tho I do see some really cool mounts when I'm pout in the world, I can't wait to quest for those!

If any more experienced players can give me some good general advice and tips I'm all ears!(especially about crafting...how lucrative and useful is crafting? I love crafting in MMOs but I'm a bit overwhelmed with the crafting here, not sure where to start.)

<3 <3

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Welcome to Guild Wars! :D Enthusiasm is never a bad thing.

As for advice? Take your time. Don't rush to max level (where you can get mounts). There's no hurry, so take it slowly; enjoy the story in order and explore the world. There's a lot that you'd miss out on if you rushed to get mounts - the beautiful environments of the game just fly past. Sure, mounts make the game a lot more convenient, but for a new player, it's not worth it. You'll get there in time. :) (Also, in order to get mounts, you'd have to do some of the expansions' story...and that would spoil a good bit of the story before it.)

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Welcome to Tyria.
The GW2 Wiki (link above and accessible in-game by typing /Wiki in chat) is a great resource for all things Guild Wars 2 (including crafting).There's also this 'Getting Started' online manual: https://manual.guildwars2.com/en (You will probably have to copy and paste the link, as the forums are having a bit of trouble right now, I believe).Hope you enjoy your stay. Good luck.

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Crafting in this game is primarily used to make ascended armor or weapons, which is rather expensive. But it’s the only way to reliably obtain 6 ascended armor pieces and not rely on RNG for random ascended armor drops (which could take 6 months or more).

There is no need to rush into crafting as it’s very difficult to make money and sell on trading post with those crafting specialities. These specialities don’t focus on making money, but producing 3 different armor sets or weapon sets for personal use only.

You will get all the currency you will need by actively playing each campaign or trying out other game types. As long as you are actively playing, you will always be generating money.

Now there are veterans that make ton of gold selling on the trading post, but using crafting specialities to sell items on the trading post doesn’t normally happen. (As far as I Know )

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Hello. Crafting can be very proffitable or you can lost a fortune leveling it. It is profitable if you find a hole in trading post which can take some research. For leveling i suggest checking some guide so you dont lose too much. Also leveling crafting levels your character too so doing it before lvl 80 has this benefit.Mounts come from pof expansion which is in second half of story but you can start the first mission at lvl 80 to get first mount (for all characters at the same time) and then return to normal story order.Story order is core -> season 1 (not playable but game will give you summary) -> season 2 -> hearth of thorns -> season 3 -> path of fire -> season 4

If you dont have season unlocked then you can buy it for gems (gold or real money). If you dont care about story thenSeason 2 is good for mastery pointsSeason 3 is good for ascended trinkets (especialy chapter 3, you definitly want this one at some point)Season 4 is good for cheap diviner trinkets (quite powerful stat combination for some clases) but overall outside of story and new maps it doesnt bring something that important in my opinion (since istan farm nerf). But the story is quite epic i have to say.

Game uses specific "combo" mechanicsSome spells have field type (like fire field) and some finisher type (like blast finisher)If you use a finisher in any player combo field you get special efect. Example: if you blast fire field you give might (buff to power and condition damage) to everyone standing in that field (5 player cap I think but I am not sure now). Or if you fire through fire field your arrows (projectile finisher) cause burning and so on.

Some bosses have blue bar bellow their HP. Cc skils do nothing but damage this bar. Once the bar si broken the boss is stuned. CC skills do more damage based on duration and power of that CC.

Dont know what type of player you are but I play mostly raids so now I will talk about group pve.It gw2 there is not the standard trinity but more of duality. Buffers and dps. Healers exist but they are buffers first and healers second. Same for tanks, buffer first and tank second.For a long time only tank was chronomancer (mesmer) and only healer druid (ranger). There is also dps/buffer hybrid warrior.Since half a year ago there are diferent possible combinations like using firebrands (guardian), tempests (elementalist), renegades (revenant), thiefs (normal thief) and scourges (necromancer) to fill buffer spots (and also healer/tank in some cases) but they are still not that common.

Also this game have 9 clases but I take them as 27. Each class have 2 elite specs that changes how the class play. So what I used above are those elite specs. Here is a rundown:

Warrior-berserker. More powerful burst skills but can use them only in specific window-spellbreaker. Can destroy buffs on targetsGuardian-dragonhunter. Changes to virtues.-firebrand. Get acces to Tomes which provide options for every situations. Can be played as a healer or a bufferRevenant (since revenant was relesed with espec it is almost unplayable without one)-herald. Can pulse boons (buffs) to party-renegade. Can provide offensive buffs to party. Also great as condition damage.Renger-druid. Get acces to special celestial form which focuy on heals, buffs and cc.-soulbeast. Can merge with pet to get special pet-like abilitiesEng.-scraper. Have to say I have no clue :D-holosmith. Get access to photon forge which increse its damage based on heat (i think :D )Thief-daredevil. Shorter range on steal but it does flashy efect with it. It has 3 dodges instead of 2.-deadeye. Can mark target to increase damage or somethingElementalist-tempest. Can overload atunements. Do speciam efect but then that atunement has longer cd.-weaver. Can have 2 elements at one time (one in each hand) and middle skill is combination of those 2 elementsNecromancer-reaper. Diferent shroud. More focused in melee combat.-scourge. Exchenge shroud for shades. Can support others and corrupt boons on enemies.Mesmer-chronomancer. Focused on time so slowing enemies, making teamates faster (both actions and recharge of skills). Gets special mechanic that let him create a checkpoint and return to it after few seconds.-mirage. Loses dodge but gain mirage cloak. Dodge doesnt move you but you are invurnable when you press dodge key

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Crafting won't be profitable for you until you can farm the high end materials. Until then, just ignore it. You can become a chef and speed level if you want, but the leveling up is your tutorial. GW2 has horizontal progression, meaning your character doesn't really improve, you have to improve instead. So take your time and learn. Most people get a little freaked out in Cursed shore, and then their first time in Verdent Brink they want to rage quit and how huge of a difficulty hump it is. Look me up in game if you want a tour

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@"ElvenBlades.8017" said:If any more experienced players can give me some good general advice and tips I'm all ears!

I can provide you with some helpful links: https://en-forum.guildwars2.com/discussion/comment/581676#Comment_581676

P.S. The personal story is the only part where you get to choose your path, so enjoy it while it lasts. They've dumped the concept after the core campaign. :/

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Leveling a crafting discipline to max level is pretty expensive. I'd recommend taking it easy on crafting as a new player and doing the leveling in manageable chunks rather than trying to burn all the way to max level in an afternoon. You'd have to buy most materials off the Auction House, and that will deplete all your gold short-order as a new player.

Don't use a level 80 boost until you've leveled up one or two characters the normal way - or you'll be completely lost at level 80 with no idea what to do. Don't worry, leveling to 80 is not that hard and you won't have to wait too long. Besides, even higher level characters are dropped down in level to match the map they are on - so even in groups of level 80 players running events on a map, you won't feel completely useless.

Don't obsess too much about 100% completing a map. It might be worth it to complete all the hearts, all the points of interest, all the vistas, and all the hero points in your starting area just to try it out, and because the exp gain is so good in your first map. But after that, don't bother unless you really enjoy playing that way. Move on to other maps and mess around. Always grab events that spawn on your map nearby - because the exp rewards are higher than other activities usually.

Keep in mind, you can always come back to these unfinished maps later as a level 80 character and complete them then. Most players do this - since loot drops from quests, events, and monsters on any map always scale to the level of the player. Dailies will also encourage max level players to revisit old maps.

Make sure to do your personal story - it has BIG exp rewards for your character, and will help you not get lost in all the maps.

Upgrade your inventory bags whenever you can. It helps a lot. Always carry a stack of Basic Salvage Kits for any gray, blue, or green gear items you don't need. Breaking the gear down into raw materials usually sells for more money than the items themselves on the Auction House, and stockpiling the raw materials also helps when you decide to craft stuff. Always carry a stack of mining, lumbering, and herb gathering tools and gather stuff whenever you see it on the map (it grants a small amount of exp and helps your stockpile and gold).

Do your dailies each day. Complete three of the four daily options and you'll be rewarded two gold. For a new player, that's a big deal and is the most reliable way to build up your money supply early in the game. Once you get to level 80, you can look at farming the Silverwastes or other gold farming locations in the expansion game maps. But two gold for three dailies is easy money.

If you're facing a tough map at max level like the Silverwastes, or the Heart of Thorns maps, or stuff in Path of Fire that's obviously meant to be run as a group - use the Group Finder tool in your social menu option. Go to "Open World" and see if there's a group advertising for running that content. Join the squad, and then go to the map. If your squad members in the upper left corner are transparent - that means they are all in a different instance of the same map you are on. To get to their map, right-click on one of the members and select the option "join in..." whatever map you are on. You'll be teleported to your squad's instance, and be able to run content with them - which will make everything a lot easier.

Oh, and don't do what I did and start out with an Elementalist - they're pretty hard to play with on the later game content (though they do OK leveling). Unless of course, you just love their animations and playstyle and general vibe, in which case, go right ahead.

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A few tips:

This game uses a horizontal progression system, maxing your character level is just the very beginning.

I recommend playing through all of Central Tyria and completing it on your first character before moving on, This gives you alot of experience of your class and gives you time to get decently geared (you'll still be playing in <lv80 maps past lv80 due to downscaling).

Once you are able to obtain full Exotic rarity gear, you can move on to lv80 content which is far more group-oriented.

The play order is Personal Story+Story dungeons->Living World Season 2 (LS2)->Heart of Thorns->LS3->Path of Fire->LS4. (LIving World Season 1 is not replayable, but you can read lots of details of it on the wiki, watch videos on YouTube, etc to get an idea.)

Just beware that gliding and mounts were features that were both added in the expansions, they are deep in the storyline and if you plan to play it linearly and experience all the content that was released, it could be months before you get them, if not more.

Some people work around this by playing only the first missions of HoT and PoF at the expense of some spoilers.

The expansions must be bought with real money, but the Living World seasons can be purchased with in-game gold, sometimes guilds will cover it for you. You can also just join a friend in their instance (PS & LS2 only) but you won't be the main character.

Have fun, and if you need any help, check the wiki and forums , and ask in map chat. Join a guild, too!

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