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Any open NA servers, 2 players LF (WvW/PvP/PvE) semi-hardcore or very organized casual guild.

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I'm an experienced hardcore raider and PvPer looking for a guild where myself and my wife who is a casual raider and pvper might find a home. We're both in our 40's play in the Mountain time zone and have been playing mmo's since before WoW, City of Heroes to be exact. I've raided world firsts in Star Wars the Old Republic, hardcore progressive raiding in WoW along with arena Gladiator title in WoW. We have just come from Black Desert Online where she was in a casual PvE guild and I was in a competitive PvP T2-T3 Node War guild which I think is something like the WvW here. I'm a firefighter and she's a school teacher so we're not always available to play on set days but we do play most days of the week.

We're here because we want to play together; BDO wasn't affording that opportunity and we missed raiding/dungeons. She is still on a free account with a level 30 ranger it's her 3rd version of it that's why it's not higher level. I have purchased both expansions, have a level 80 Dragonhunter currently in HoT content and I'm currently playing a level 70 Thief because I'm not sold on the Dragonhunter.

What we're looking for is a guild where we can both play together in, that does competitively compete in PvP/WvW, doesn't need to be ranked stuff but has to be organized (for me). Also raids/dungeons for fun (for us) basically a PvP guild that raids. I'm currently on Northern Shiver Peaks and I don't remember what server she is on but it's not mine so we were eventually going to have to switch servers anyway to do WvW together so any NA server we can both get to is fine. We both came from guilds that were using discord in BDO but have used mumble and teamspeak in other games so voice comms aren't an issue.

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@Banivisa.1485 said:Still here and still looking, Thief is now level 80 in HoT. Again world transfer isn't a problem.

For WvW, the meta classes for zerging are currently:Firebrand, scourge, revenants, medic scrappers, jihad warriors (burtszerker)/spellbreakers, weavers/tempest (to a lesser extent), support chronos.

You can join up to 5 guilds. majority of wvw guilds focus 80% on wvw, 10% on teamchat, and 10% on cleaning out inventory. then use other guild slots for the pve/pvx. If you're interested in playing organized wvw. just hit us up, we raid PST so mountain time could work.

We were linked with NSP last time and currently against you. for the most part, we have a certain way of doing things in wvw that may offend many. but we've been around for 5+ years, never transferred, and we routinely raid and take routine breaks. We are fairly competitive wvw wise as a guild.

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@Banivisa.1485 said:Hey thanks for the reply I guess I hadn't really researched guilds enough in this game to know you could belong to multiple guilds, that's a fantastic idea of joining different guilds for my needs rather then looking for 1 do it all.

for pve/spvp you don't have to be on the same world. only wvw. if you would like to chat with us, check your inbox. i've sent u a discord link.

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