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Super Adventure Box Mount Skins (SAB)

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So I was thinking the other day about an awesome mount that would look dope riding through the sky as the Griffon characteristics, was the SAB Bumble Bee, those Bees that fly to the Honey Comb. SAB is my most favorite thing in gw2, its a crying shame the dev quit that designed SAB cuz anet treated him like poo from what I heard. Now anet wont finish the greatest game/event in history ever ever ever! If you couldnt tell I'm obsessed with SAB lol.

The dragon in the end, of W3M3 the wizard turns into would be the ultimate mount skin lol. Can you just imagine seeing that weird dragon flying through the sky? LOLOL would be so hilarious!

Also for the raptor mount skin, a giant SAB frog would be awesome.

The bunny would be fun to see as the dog mount. Mini_Super_Bee_Dog.jpg

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Oh god please no. Don't let such abominations out of the box. It would be the absolutely height of immersion breaking eyesores. We already got some not so great stuff filling the eyespace, but at least we don't have anything quite that bad.

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Hard no. Keep SAB in SAB, like it's supposed to be (literally—SAB is only supposed to exist within the cube). The minis, weapons, and tools are enough, mounts would be over the top. None of the SAB models work with mounts, either, and would require so many tweaks in models and animations it would be essentially building completely new and unique models from the ground up. That is 1-8 new models and animations for a skin for however many mounts they want to do. You know how much backlash there would be over that given how many people were/are angry that the griffon, warclaw, and skyscale share ground animations?

(Also, SAB was announced to never get world 3 long before the layoffs. It was supposed to be a one-off joke but thanks to popular demand, they overhauled it to work with new tech and re-released it 3 years later with the addition of world 2 and tribulation mode.)

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