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Anet Support Ticket BUG Whats going on?

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:You are referring to actual tickets submitted to the CS Team via the web-form, rather than in-game Bug Reports, yes?Were the tickets for the same issue? Or each for a different issue?If for the same issue, the tickets will be merged, and you will only receive one response.

No they were all for different issues. But that makes no sense why I wouldnt get even a automated response I'm so lost to what happened.

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I note you didn't confirm a yes to Cedo's first question there. If you submit via in-game /bug, there will not be a response, that's just to help them see bugs. If you do it via the webpage account and fill in all the required fields including category selection, the response should be very fast. They ask for a couple of days but most every ticket I've ever submitted has gotten a reply within hours. Possibly faster, I just don't hover over my email to check it that often :)

If you did proper Support page submissions, then Cedo is right, their reply probably bounced off some barrier your email has set up. They use the email account you sign into the game with, so make sure that's the email you have listed on your ticket, that may help.

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