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Fix Your PvP Match ups... they suck

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Please fix your match ups, they suck balls... Try starting by NEVER, EVER having two players with the same class on the same team (thief and deadeye is the same class for example). Try to make teams of equal strength, not, for instance, 4 silver and 1 gold against 4 gold and 1 silver... you know the outcome of this one... Revisit the whole system of points attribution, that sucks too. I'm not the most assiduous PvP player, and I'm not the worst either, but when I find myself on a team that blows eight or nine times out of ten, there's an issue.

Btw, the three months bans on the cheaters you did last year in April, should have been permabans. Just sayin'...

I pretty much know what your reply is going to be... 1. generic cut/paste reply... 2. there's nothing we can do... 3. we have no plan to look into this issue at this point in time... 4. and you're going to thank me for my input (which is another way of giving someone the finger)... 5. nothing to see, move along....

Always the same old song and dance...

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