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What is the state of D/D Deadeye in PvE?


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Fractals are generally short fights and they don't have a max time limit like raids do, so having the absolute max DPS isn't so much of an issue as long as you CC properly for breakbars. With that in mind, I'd rather run a staff daredevil or a rev than a D/D deadeye there, but that's mostly as I find those builds way more engaging than just backstabbing and auto attacking. I can't really comment on raids as I haven't really bothered with them, that said the D/D deadeye build was made by raiding guilds for raids so odds are it's more suited to that content.

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D/D Deadeye builds tend to do slightly more DPS then a standard staff daredevil spamming weakening strike but with the caveat that it requires MUCH more positional awareness in that you need to constantly be behind your target which isn't always possible in fractals since bosses tend to move around a lot and spin around randomly and missing a backstab can be a HUGE DPS loss, in raids it's a bit easier to stay behind the boss due to "tank" mechanics focusing the bosses attention and larger hitboxes in general.

Also bear in mind that outside of Shadow Flare and Shortbow DE has almost no cleave, which is pretty essential for fractals. Also DE is much more reliant on having full boon coverage because of Premeditation and loses a large portion of it's DPS advantage over Daredevil without 100% quickness uptime.

Also consider that D/D is possibly even more brain-dead then your standard thief "rotation". Ideally you just stand in one place pressing 1,1,1,1,1,1,5,1,1,1,1,1,1,5,F1 repeat till the boss is dead.

So in short - D/D Deadeye is workable in raids with better boon coverage and larger hitboxes/less need for cleave but I would not personally recommend it in fractals (or really much else) based on my experience.

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