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Best way to balance specializations and core professions is...


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@Yannir.4132 said:

@Dreddo.9865 said:Gather top 50 players representing all professions, discuss balance with them and implement what is agreed. Continue this until a good balance is achieved.

Those top 50 people include some real toxic trolly a-wholes so no thanks. There's no credential that guarantees a good balance opinion.

The credential is the people who routinely win the monthly. They're players who have mastered multiple roles and almost (if not completely) all the classes.

Players like Reckless, Naru, Kronos, Helio, and the like on NA should be able to weigh in on balance. Not make balance decisions mind you, just weigh in and have their opinions considered.

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It's actually better to limit combinations. Less possibilities allows for more knobs to tune without making another spec too strong.

What ANet may actually want to do is pick one of the 5 core trait lines and make it an elite spec for core players. The ideal candidate would probably be the final trait line which usually affects the F1-F5 abilities most. It can make core stand out more from elites in how they play and gives core a better defined role(s). The power of that trait line can be increased and the remaining 4 decreased in order to further distinguish the specs and limit balance problems. Additionally, you'll have fewer weird interactions to worry about in future elite specs (e.g. Dhuumfire and Scourge).

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