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Totally new to the game. Need some help

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Hey all, I've never played this and have been watching videos for a day or so now. Generally, I will just play what I want and make it work. However, I need a character that will be viable for all game modes. Ex: in a lot of mmo's if your a tank or healer, you'll get into whatever group you need to get into. I plan on doing pretty much everything, PVE PVP. I will usually play a Ranger or a class that lets me wear medium to light armor, and evade. I also enjoy Paladins, so I know I just gave you nothing to go on now. So let me try another approach. I like the one v one aspect of thief, single target. I like the dual weapons. I prefer Ranger type for story though over thief. I like Warriors, but I like Medium armor over heavy. I do like playing support also, and that's one of the things I like about the Guardian. Looks like he can do pretty much anything, just not sure about pvp. So while going back and forth through all this overthinking, ive managed to stick myself ..

I did make a Guardian, got to level ten. however im wondering if he's gonna be able to do anything in pvp at all. I can see support role in pvp, but I really don't don't know. Also, I don't know if hed be getting many kills If I go that route. or if you even level up in pvp at all or …… I guess it was the engineer that was wielding dual pistols, also something I wouldn't mind looking into.

Once again, my play style is usually medium armor and on the move. Usually with two weapons. I would say I will probably do an even amount of all the content.

Anyway, thanks

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I would suggest playing ranger. When you feel like playing support, you can just change to a druid, the ranger's specialization (those are like sub-professions you can change back and forth freely, whenever you want). Druids are one of the closest things Guild Wars 2 has to pure healers. Plus, rangers have medium armor, like you said.

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Further advice: Try several different classes! PvE levelling is pretty fast and it's cheap to get "good enough" gear (and that gear is actually good enough!). sPvP (5v5) is completely equalised, level and gear doesn't matter - you're maxed and it has it's own system to choose stats. WvW (realm combat) is more gear dependent, but still a lot more about personal skill, I'd recommend to wait a little bit.

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In this game, you'll find yourself playing multuple classes. It really lends itself to alts.Leveling is pretty fast that thers no reason to pigeon hole yourself to one class.

There are a couple of pvp builds for guardian, the elite specializations are best, Firebrand for support and dragonhunter for dps.

Tanking doesn't work in this game like in WoW. You can't ever just sit and take hits, no matter the class. And heavy/ligjt armor etc does not denote roles. You can have glass cannon heavy and a "tank" light armor as it's based on utilities/ability to negate damage through skills.

You also won't usually find yourself able to just stick to range. For example the best dps for ranger, is actually in melee range.

Try a few classes you're interested in, and continue with the one most fun. All classes have pvp builds.

You'll find yourself comming back later to other classes and wanting them too.

You cant level in pvp as such. Bur you can recieve level tombs as rewards.WvW is another pvp experience where you're boosted to lv80 but i wouldn't advice going there until you're actually level 80 with a set build.

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