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A key part of the sPvP is match making, and you try complicated algorithms trying to make the match making balanced. But, I mean, why in so many games there is one side with FB and scourge and the other side maybe have a core guard. In this case, in this meta, the game will be very imbalanced by the comp itself, even if the skill level of both games is somewhat balanced.This is a big problem. I think a FB can compensate at least 50 rank point differences, especially when one comp is FB + Scourge and the other is Core guard/ DH + Scourge. this is part of the reason why the sPvP is not fun. I have numerous games this season where the other team has scourge + FB and we have nothing, and its very hard to fight because in ranked where people cannot communicate effectively even plat 1, 2 people dont know how to rotate and try to avoid teamfights. Yes, there are games where the other team have scourege+fb+scrapper. Totally not fun, and at this comp, its not about skill, its about the comp.

Also, should stop allowing people switch to heal amulet/rune etc after pop. but people are free to choose other classes. This would address most of the downsides of completely ban switching classes after game pop.

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