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Game crashing after defeating Facet of Fire in Descent Mission.

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Hi there,Two times in a row my game has crashed my whole computer as soon as I defeat the Facet of Fire.The first time it happened, I had to jump the CMOS reset pins to get the computer to reboot.The second time, it rebooted without having to jump the CMOS pins.The game has been running completely fine and holding at 60FPS at maximum settings at 1080p. But the moment the Facet's HP drops to 0, the screen goes black and the computer crashes.

Running Ryzen 5 3600 with Boost active and disabled (tried to see if it was a thermal event)

RX580 4GB

16GB of RAM running at 3200 then 2800 (tried to see if it was a RAM clock issue)

Game running off of a Samsung 960 EVO NVMe drive.

B350 Bazooka Motherboard

Windows 10 1903

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Update: Turning the setting down preventing a crash. I dropped anti-aliasing, post processing, Textures, texture filtering, shadows, ambient occlusion, and shaders to their minimum values.

VRAM was not maxed out at the time of crash either, unless it spiked just before the screen went black and I couldn't see it.

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