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Dragon Fireworks Glider didn't unlock

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I received the Item from the BL Chest which contains both the Glider and the Backpiece.The backpiece worked fine, but for some reason the Glider didn't unlock when I used it.I now own the backpiece but not the Glider and since this Item only drops once per Account I really want to know what I can do now.

Is there a way ANet can unlock it from their side, or do I have to wait until it is available via garantueed wardrobe unlock?

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@Inculpatus cedo.9234 said:You consumed both items?

Yes, as i said, i unlocked the backpiece and then obviously consumed the glider aswell but was not prompted by the skin unlock popup. I found that weird and immediatelly checked in my glider tab, but indeed it was not unlocked.

Its a bug, which is why i am here.But i will submit a ticket, as you suggest, thank you!

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