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The Fall of GW2

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Honestly just sound like your a bit burnt out. Take a break and comeback later. Game will still be here. I play pretty much every day and have plenty to do 5 years in. Your statements about the game is only from your prospective that doesn't mean they are fact.

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@jbrother.1340 said:

@"Ashantara.8731" said:While I appreciate criticism of the game, as I am one of its vocal critics, I didn't bother to read the whole OP, because - with a title like this - you are just making matters worse. If you "predict" the "fall", you are only more likely to make it happen - because it's demotivating for devs and players alike to read such a negative statement ("final judgment").

The only power players have to bring about a "fall" is stop buying gems to a large degree and just simply stop playing the game in massive numbers. That day will come. People cry and cry. They want their this or that to go on forever.

That which has a beginning has an end. This game will to. People should enjoy the game now because it won't be around forever.

~snip~I present to you in this corner one, the original Guild Wars, that which has a beginning has no ending...last I checked the servers where still on and people still log on and play. Also, Second Life...it appears to have no ending in sight even though Linden Labs has released their virtual world v2.0.

I think you are being to literal. But when I say nothing lasts forever I am not. This game will end so will second life and gW1. It is just the way it works.

It does not have to be a bad thing or a thread like this either.

Let me give you something to consider as well:

you are considering a very short timeline on which you are basing your statement?

A dozen years and counting for Second Life, and it still gets updates, new content and QOL improvements from Linden Labs, and it has a healthy population. GW1 doesn't really get updates or new content on a normal basis...but it's still on and people still play after 14 years.

How many years can a coma patient lay in a bed not interacting with the world around them before they are considered "dead", at least by their own family or a dr that is really hanging on for them?

They may be alive still, you can visit them, you can see them in front of you, and you could interact with them (even if they cannot interact with you) but by most people's definition that is not "life". Those other games might be in coma mode and they are alive but even in that state they will not last forever.

Do you really want me to answer that, considering some people have been in coma's for up to 40 years?

I don't want GW2 to last forever, I want new games to come out that compel me more, that draw my desire into a new MMO style game that will live on as we say goodbye to GW2 at some point in the future. I want to experience new systems and new ways of playing these games. The end of GW2 does not have to be anything but the inevitable passage of your loved one, and you put them to rest with honor and move on with your life. I just don't think GW2 is in coma mode or in geriatric sunset time. It is in middle age and has some time to go before we all start ignoring it and not listening to what it has to say...

It does not seem like ANET has given up but it does feel like they might need a boost to their moral and find a way to deeply infusion their passion back into it.

In the soon after here we are all going to be gone to, so like I said before go log in and enjoy it. Nothing in this universe will last forever.

There's nothing wrong in wanting something new to try and/or play, there's also nothing wrong in liking a particular game and wanting to just play that game for ever either. There are plenty of examples of games that people still play that have been released years and years ago...it's the same concept, only this is an MMO, that is the only difference. It's all a matter of taste.

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I paid $60 a year and a half ago, and received about 3000 hours of fun in the interim. And all 3000 of those hours were fun; back in my WoW days I vividly recall spending HOURS doing things that weren't fun, but were necessary in order to play. "You have to work to have fun" was the mindset. Be it farming materials/consumables, doing daily quests for currency to stay on track with gear, attunements, reputation grinding, etc etc etc. None of that here in GW2.

If they close the servers tomorrow, I got my money's worth to be sure, and while I'll miss it, I'll just find something else to play.

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