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Perhaps an additional language support?

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I was wondering if you guys plan to apply Korean language patch in near future?I am a Korean and I lived in US for quite some time (not anymore) so I have no problem playing the game and explore the lore.After I got back to Korea, I wanted to have my friends to play the game with me and show how great the game is.However, their English is not proficient enough to explore the lore and understand the game to enjoy. They could "play" the game, but would have difficult time to understand fully and enjoy, so they are reluctant to purchase and play the game.I heard that there are some Korean patches already implemented in the client, but never was an option to choose, which was disappointing since the game is also associated with NCSoft.Do you think this option would be available any time soon? I am not expecting to have full Korean mode including voice acting and stuffs. But the texts such as dialogues and event/quest logs would be enough.Thanks.

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