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Mesmer Elite Spec: Jester


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Recently I got struck by some really fun ideas that partially stay away from generic rpg/fantasy themes that would fit as gw2 elite specializations. I really like ideas of classes that stay away from well known canons in fantasy. This is my first post in a series of new elite classes ideas. Keep in mind I don't bother to invent all traits and skills for all classes, just give ideas for a theme, mechanics, advantages and drawbacks.

One of few themes of Mesmer is hidden between lines, in starting gear and some skill icons. Theatrical Masks representing moods/emotions, yet whole Mesmer do not develop any ideas of connections to art, theater, circus. It's a perfect opportunity to create an elite specialization!

Introducing: Jester/Joker.Jesters, are actors among Mesmers. They boost their magical abilities by using power of emotional spectrum. Many of them noticed, that being in a deep state of either happiness or saddens, made their skills more powerful and defined. Jesters trained their role play abilities to change their emotional states at will, to become even more powerful or tricky.

Class Mechanic: Shatters become Emotion Shifts. Happiness, Sadness, Anger, Fear.

Class Skills: Glyphs with 4 modes, depending on emotion.

Class Role: Mid Ranged Power Dps & Debilitator/cc machine.

Class Weapon: Short Bow

I know that currently chrono is in a great state when it comes to power dps role, but every time new elite is introduced, we got previous ones refocused on their primary role. Chrono should become a support/tank hero with reduced dps capabilities (looking at you scourge-heavy-support-no-dps) while power dps role could belong now to Jesters. Whats more, we could begin an era of completely new meta role that would be a dedicated debuffer with lots of CC skills, opening a possibility of covering CC bar breaking allowing other heroes (lets say in raids) to focus even more on their role instead of picking extra CC skills. Power of CC could be affected by Expertise. This way, we could get new stat combinations that would be fully viable like power,precision,ferocity,expertise or combinations of other. CC mechanics on enemies could be even more fleshed out and Jesters not only would shine in this area, but also could manage cc skills on enemies by removing them. More about that later.

What's special about this class: Ability to convert CC skills on enemy into damage and reflect CC effects.

  • Clones do not look like Mesmer, instead they wear emotion masks and always stay next to Mesmer. They can even look like phantasms. This will remove "which one is mesmer" effect from this elite allowing for even more glass cannony setup, justifying increased dps.
  • Using Emotional shifts create two effects: First one, clones are not shattered but still use their number as skill effect increase. To counter-play in pvp modes simply destroy clones. Second effect: Mesmer gets short boon (5s?) related to emotion that also switches glyphs into emotion mode with effect related to emotion. This makes those Glyphs to have 5 versions! Instead, while not in emotion mode glyph could be useless, reducing number to 4.
  • Happiness mode would be focused on dps and convertion of slow/cripple on enemy on dps. One of traits improving Happiness mode could even make those condis made my Jester to deal damage, scaled by expertise. New unique boon could either prevent all hard CC on enemy and instead deal dmg OR just add extra dmg scaled on skill CC power.
  • Saddness mode could be focused on giving slow/cripple, vulnerability, weakness, enhancing mesmer autoattacks.
  • Anger Mode could give some hard CC skills
  • Fear mode could focus on Fear and Blind instead Distortion, retaining its defensive capability but with an opportunity to counter play. CC reflect skills could be hidden in this mode.

TLDR: Mesmer looses ability to fake it's position with identical clones to justify increased dps, also becomes CC powerhouse.

Other ideas that somehow could be fit into this class or become ideas for another elites:I was thinking about grandmaster trait changing Fear Emotion into Madness. This would overhaul Fear removing all defensive capabilities and giving some scary dps boosts. Could change all clones into visible-only-for-target hallucinations that also can only be targeted and killed by target enemy (tech is already in game to do it like npcs visible only for player). They could change into dps-y hallucinations from some effects already in game, spawning shadowy wurms, birds and stuff. That would be hilarious seeing your teammates attacking seemingly empty spaces to get rid of them. This idea could be totally reworked into autonomic elite class: Nightmare.

Visuals: Each time Jester uses Emotional Shift, he and all clones gets phantasmal mask of chosen emotion for a duration of Shift boon. Clones stay close to Mesmer like actors on a stage. While using short bow, some skills could use animations of Jester playing on a string like on a harp. Color: Navy blue.

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