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Halloween in July: Just curious...

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...as to why all the Halloween-themed items on sale in the Gem store? I’m happy to see items regularly rotating and picked up the arachnid glider while available on sale since I love spiders, but I am curious as to whether there is a reason. Is there a Halloween-esque holiday that I don’t know about this time of year? Just curious. :)

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Okay, fair enough; variety is always appreciated. :) I didn’t think anything of it when it was just the spooky mount pack on sale but since a bunch of these themed items have reappeared this month, I was thinking there must be more to it but could not think of what it could be.

@Danikat.8537 lol! :lol:

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@VDAC.2137 said:

@Excursion.9752 said:IMO it was refreshing to see Halloween in July instead of Christmas...

I wasn’t complaining about it, only wondering, but perhaps I just overthink things! :lol:Oh no worries I was not trying to be harsh. I'm just over the who Christmas in July thing all the stores and TV stations are doing these days. It was nice to see something different :smile:

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