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Windows Vista?

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Up to a year ago I ran gw2 on a Vista machine until my friends and family surprised me with a new PC(Aren't they awesome?) So it should theoretically be possible? That said, gw2 had to be almost the /only/ thing running on the pc, couldn't even open a browser. Maybe a memory issue though. Good luck!

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Please note that Vista is out of security support for a few years now, and with the passing of time you run the risk of getting malware which on it's turn may try to steal gaming accounts like that of GW2. If possible, upgrade to Windows 7 (If you require the same user interface as Vista) or just Windows 10 for many more years of updates. (Windows 7 is on its last legs as well, after January 2020 it will no longer get additional updates and slowly accumulates unfixed issues)

Of corse, you can vastly mitigate this by not browsing the web on this machine, installing a good AV like Kaspersky or Norton and overall being cautious.

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