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After nerf build ideas?


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@xternalshock.4307 said:I play condi full viper and I see they gutted it. I’m still kinda new to renegade and need some advice on what to do / change or maybe insight on how to use this change. All help appreciated!

It's not a gutting at all; it's actually a net buff with a slightly new rotation. In Snowcrow's discord they're getting 35-36k on huge, which is higher than the current benchmark

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I was able to glance 35k on the golem using Venom Enhancement + Diabolic Inferno, since just upkeeping EtD doesn't fuel the old DD+Maniacal procs enough... So it's still good--IF yer stacking renegades, like you do on Dhuum. (One big pro is no more UA animations, so you get off more actual attacks.)

If you try to bring this new build to like Cairn/Matthias/Soulless Horror tho, you're going to get a lot of kittened off Mirages boo'ing you out of the group cuz that Dark Field is even bigger than I thought it was gonna be. I mean, technically, if yer a dps main, you'd be playing Mirage on those fights anyways so it doesn't matter... But if you like to play Renegade on more than one fight a week, this patch is still going to end up being drama for you.

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Core Herald Mallyx Jalis.

Weapons :Sword (Hydromancy)Axe (Geomancy)Staff (Cleanse and Energy)

Traits :

  • Invocation 111
  • Corruption 322
  • Retribution 113

Gear : Full Marauder Armor, Full Viper Trinkets.

Goal : Hybrid Burst of Power and Condi.

Skill combo and how it works :

Jalis Taunt > Axe 5 > Axe 4 > Sword 2 > Swap > EtD > AA + Sword 2

Set up with Jalis Taunt, which is used to fish for full combos.

If yu fail to land it or target has Stunbroken or Stability, poke with Axe 5 to deter them from engaging. Use Staff vs ranged pressure.

If taunt lands :

Axe 5 will CC chain the target for rest of the combo.Axe 4 is a gap closer and some Condi.

Swapping to Mallyx triggers all of these:

  • Hydromancy chill
  • Geomancy Bleed
  • Mallyx Song
  • Mallyx Resistance + Maniacal

EtD should be popped immediately and weaving Sword 2s will allow yu to apply more Condis and stick to target.

Use Ancient Echo to fuel EtD, or to cast Call to Anguish to make the target stay in yur range.

If enemy is able to stave off this onslaught, ready Staff and prepare for counter attack.

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