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Can we please fix graphical bugs


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This has always been a problem, but with more effects out in the game, graphical bugs have actually caused me to lose some duels simply because I can't see animations.For example, after a warrior uses full counter once or twice, the effect will be displayed on them for the rest of the match potentially, and it makes it sometimes impossible to know if they are actually using it or not, unless I look at their status bar.This effects also happens with guardian, necro very frequently, and sometimes mesmer.These permanent effect visual bugs can be distracting and detrimental. Sometimes effects pile up so much that it is impossible to see what the player is doing because there are random effects on them blocking their body.And often when I kill a druid or guardian their beam tethers to me(with mesmer it happens occasionally), and I am able to see where they are regardless of where they are in the map, giving me a massive advantage as I know where they are in the map.I know I'm not the only one to get these bugs, and they aren't good for PvP, and give unfair advantages or disadvantages.

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