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Multiple copies of Cimmera Pistolwhip in Ash Legion story missions

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I encountered a bug in some of the personal story mission of Charr characters, who chose the Ash Legion during character creation.There are two copies of Cimmera Pistolwhip, who is not supposed to be in the Ash Legion story at all, present in some missions.Here are some screenshots of the two of them during the Graveyard Ornaments mission:https://ibb.co/Ny6hSr5https://ibb.co/nM3XBDhhttps://ibb.co/VjGZNbn

They were often stacked on top of Wroda the Quick, who is actually supposed to be there, since I chose the mission Spilled Blood over Iron Grip of the Legion.Cimmera Pistolwhip should only appear in the game and war band of players who have chosen the Iron Legion and the Deadly Force mission.My character is a male Charr Ranger, who chose the devourer, Ash Legion and Honorless Gladium during character creation.The bug occured with both Reeva and Euryale as initially chosen sparring partners, since I chose a different partner when I deleted the first character after encountering these bugs.

Furthermore multiple characters like Wroda the Quick and Yahuk Fellstrike keep shouting something like "For the Bloog Legion!" despite being members of an Ash Legion war band.

Vallus Smokemane also failed to spawn during Thicker Than Water and only appeared in cut scenes.

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