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Losing F5 on Scrapper is not worth it...


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Not a huge fan. Compared to Photon Forge, that's not a good trade-off (outside PvP/WvW). If anything, such a change should have warranted Gyros should have all became a kit (similar to Photon Forge).

Make note of the following:

Scrapper now loses the following core F5 elite skills:

  1. Toss Elixir X (when using Elixir X)
  2. Med Pack Drop (when using Supply Crate)
  3. Orbital Strike (when using Mortar Kit)

Scrapper loses the old Scrapper F5 elite skill when using Sneak Gyro

  1. Detection Pulse

But hey...Scrapper gains:

  • Function Gyro - Res up to 3 allies and/or finish up to 3 enemies every 30 (min) to 120 (max) seconds.

Side Note: My last complaint on Engi changes was a little over a year ago... every other change in this patch was along the lines of the classic "Purity of Purpose". Welcome back, Engi. :)

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