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Preparations not activating when attempting to

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can confirm. just had a ranked match. took needles, seal area and shadow portal.

placed them on the norn buff map, on mid, portal was OFF to the side of mid so i dont get cleaved when i go back. mid got contested while my traps (preperations) were red...i hit them to activate and not a damn thing happened. not even poison ticks... i tested again in the same map, same match and watched for visuals...they didnt go off. not even portal. this is a HOTFIX NEEDED issue, till then disable the preperations and give back traps

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The same things with Pitfall, if using it alone barely have any problems, but when i place Shadow Portal first, next attempt to place Pitfall will fail and either i could not place any other Pitfall before death at all, or on any attempt to use Prepare Pitfall the trap will be placed on the position where i tried to use it previously and on Pitfall will be activated, and there circle starts againIn PvPGreat change for trap skills tho :*, hope it's problems will be fixed soon

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