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Unranked Map Selection


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@Ben Phongluangtham.1065 said:

@"Jwake.7013" said:Really just wanted to point this out... Djinn's Dominion is still 'Stickied' as one of the three choices. It's been eight months this way and now it's out of beta.

Yeah, this will be getting unpinned soonish, which is sooner than "soon" on the soon scale.

hey remember when you said they'd fix the map selection thing from being forced in the middle of the screen, unable to be minimized

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@slawrence.1530 said:Stuck in PVP QUE now for 15 + minutes......logged out....changed characters.....did the repair.....cannot get unstuck.

Cannot play as I got the PLAY MAP selection non stop

Anyone able to pull me from the QUE? =)



Happened to me a few days ago too, nothing helped. I just waited about 2-3 hours and then it disappeared after map change.

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