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Griffon Speed

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The basic ground speed of all mounts is different. From what I currently understand, Jackal has the highest base ground speed followed by Raptor. I'm not too sure after them two. In terms of highest potential speed/distance travelled in time Griffon has the most by far. However you need to gain some height to make use of that insane speed.

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One Redditor has posted data from testing the land speeds. I've written a tl;dr for it and that contains links to both The Bandicoot's original research and follow up.

The short story is:

  • Raptors are 50% faster than sustained swiftness player characters under sustained swiftness. Jackals are slightly faster.
  • Leaping raptors are nearly twice as fast as swift PCs, while leaping Jackals are a tick slower.
  • Skimmers over water are as fast as the non-leaping other two
  • Walking Griffon is 25% faster than a swift toon, while airborne it's a tad slower (relative to the ground) than the raptor/jackal.
  • Airborne Griffon, landed Skimmer, and Springer are roughly the same speed.
  • Fully maxed Griffon can reach (relative) ground speeds more than double that of any other mount. (Requires proper conditions and micromanagement to sustain this.)
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