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[POLL]Special Forces Training Area: Foods/Utilities/Runes/Gear Changes - GET RAID READY!

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With raids being a thing lately and new builds flying around. We need a way to test gear sets out 18th specific stats without having to invest all our money for a CHANCE of an idea working. This being said:

Make the Special Forces Training Area have the following:

  • Hologram Food/Item that lets us use any stat food/utility thats available in game for sake of testing. Stats are removed after exiting the Raid Training Arena the same as boons and banner buffs are.
  • An outfitter similar to the ones in the PvP arena that lend you gear, however this is test gear like we get in betas/ temp 80 boost (the exotic armor boxes) - Also offers temporary ascended stats and trinkets. - maybe BLAND legendary gear that always disappears after you exit the area.
  • Rune/Sigil merchant that lets us lend the runes or sigils for testing.

These merchants temporarily lend you the gear while within the raid instance. Foods, Runes, Sigils, Armor, Weapons with all the stats you would need for testing builds.Upon leaving they are refunded BACK to the merchants. (no you can not keep them).

This would allow builds to be theory crafted/tested to the fullest.

Please !

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