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Call of Anguish need Energy cost reduction


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@Justine.6351 said:Instead of reducing the energy they should instead add little orbs where you land and picking them up gives resistance. Mallyx was after all made to support vs condi.

OMG great idea! Also it would be really cool if for Phase Traversal, instead of teleporting you it sent out lifesteal orbs at your enemy's feet and if the enemy gathered all of them before their impressive 2 second duration, you teleport to them. Also if you use Jade Winds while they are active, they turn bright green and double their effectiveness. I think that would be really cool.

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@Burtnik.5218 said:You know its over when community literally meme about the worst mechanic in game that devs push for whatever reason (perhaps to be unique?). I wouldnt even be surprised if they acually did that either

Resistance orbs on Demon Legend would be pretty good support in WvW. meme all you want, but that would be pretty powerful

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