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Quests in GW2

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@Vayne.8563 said:

@"Donutdude.9582" said:Nope. I am more than happy to never see traditional quests added to the game. I really enjoy the setup as it is and adding traditional quests would be a waste of time. Also, bear in mind that the removable of traditional, unimpactful quests was one of the core design concepts for Guild Wars 2.

I remember that, and i'm honestly glad to see someone still appreciative of their commitment to that. I just see a need for something more in between fast repeatable hearts and long term self made goals. In retrospect, the personal story is kind of this (among other things), but I just wish there was more keeping players running around the zones with a sense of purpose and progression, and the personal story being instance based obviously doesn't provide that.

The story does provide that for me, if I want all the achievements out of it. In fact, I've done the story and completed every zone in the game on 13 characters so far, and I have finished Season 3 on about 30 characters (both zones and stories).

If you're going for achievements you have to spend a fair whack of time in each zone and later achievements drive you back to those same zones.

Hearts are not the quests in this game, dynamic events are. I really wish people would stop referring to hearts as the quests. They were only added to keep people in areas where dynamic events spawned, because people from other games needed marks on their maps. There are 303 hearts in the open world, but the game launched with over 1500 dynamic events in the same area.

On the topic of collections filling that role, there are easier collections and harder ones. Not all of them require a wiki to complete and because people don't take the time to think about it, because it's easier to run to a website, they miss the actual problem solving involved. Sure there are some that are longer/more difficult, but you can pick and choose which ones you do, or which you look up.

The roller beetle collection was pretty easy to do without using the wiki for example.

My point was that with the story being instance based, it can't provide that, you literally aren't on the actual open world map with other players.

I believe hearts were the "replacement" for the traditional quests in that those are the tasks you complete for npcs on each map, but I agree in that the dynamic events resemble quests much more. I personally really like dynamic events and stick around to do them when I see them just for the experience of it. But nothing is driving players to these, their start triggers are a mystery to most players and you don't get anything valuable out of them unless you saught it out specifically in pursuit of an achievement that requires it's completion. Even then, most dynamic events that I see, in core Tyria primarily, are happening and failing with no participants or being done by a single over leveled player.

I would disagree that the beetle collection didn't require, or at least incentivise players to end up on dulfy, I didn't know where any of the timed spawn boss monsters were, and I wasn't going to spend 45 minutes looking for it when I could just look up where it was. It's possible it was easy for you because you seem to spend a ton of time thoroughly completing these areas, which is impressive by the way, that represents a lot of time invested, I'd be curious to hear what drives you to do it over and over.

I would distinguish between collections that are difficult to complete and those that are tedious and who's vague hints prompt players to consult a guide. There seem to be many of the former and few of the latter.

Chukka and Chumpa though, that I just started, I am having fun with and am making a point to not really use a guide for.

My point is that the story instance can provide quest like material, ,because single player games do. When I quest in most MMOs I quest solo anyway. When I quest in story mode here, I can take people with me and usually do, so I'm not sure what your point is.

I said I wish there was something keeping players running around the open world maps, I also mentioned that the personal story was like the quests I wished there were but they were instance based they can't/don't provide the first part. Just taking one or two friends into the story is not what i'm talking about. Mmo's are not single player by design.

But when you're doing story, a good part of it is in the open world too. Take the Ember Bay story. I've done that on 30 characters and each charcater I bring through has to do stuff in the open world. I run it with new guildies doing it, and show them the zone. The fact is, I've gotten all my "farming" done for everything I need by zone completing on multiple characters and running the events in those zones, often while I was doing the story. The story in Ember Bay requires you to do every single event area on the map. The story in Siren's Landing requires you to do every heart on the map where events spawn. Naturally while I'm in those zone, I do metas too and I'm not alone. If you think this isn't already happening,you're not paying attention.

This week I took an alt account to get my roller beetle in Kourna. I had to do a number of things in Kourna, including a bounty. I popped a mentor tag, called out some stuff in map chat, and there were people there to do everything. I ended up doing the Kourna meta several times, a bounty, and a few other odds and ends I needed. Just like when I got to kessex hills and pop a tag and call out the spider queen I get help. I'm honestly not sure what you're on about, because I'm playing these zones all the time and I get content done. If you dont' believe me, I'd be happy to show you.

I was much more referring to core Tyria and the core Tyria personal story to lvl 80

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