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The game could do with more customization options.

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The on screen UI for a start is very restrictive. Why can't I resize individual components. I'd like to make the buff icons bigger while keeping the skill icons the same size. Same thing for when I select a boss, I want to be able to see pretty quick if the boss has retaliation, I don't need to see it's name and HP bar taking up so much space on screen. Edit 1: A good example of where this would be beneficial is when fighting Cairn. So, I'm on a class that does increased damge while flanking, so I'm trying to see which way he's facing. But he's huge right and I'm obviously pretty close to him and I'm trying to angle the camera to get a look at his upper torso/head but the HP bar is blocking what feels like the entire upper 1/4 of the the boss. annoying. Oh and if I could increase buff size it would be way easier to see at a glance if I have aegis or if I should dodge in oh so many situations.

A way to tone down the intensity of player skill effects would be welcome. It's easy to do a rotation on the training golem, it's not so easy when my screen is blooming with 20 different particle effects and I can barely even see my character. And no, I don't look at the skill bar, I like to look at the boss or I would if I could get a decent look at it passed all the clutter. Edit 2: I still mostly go by sound for the blue circles on Vale guardian, forget relying on eyesight for that one.

Simple name plates for all players in PvE would be nice (The one that just gives them a dot). The screen gets cluttered with all the names but if you disable them the place looks barren on low character limit - which I do have to set it to for fps reasons. The simple name plate (the dot) would be a nice option as I'd still be able to see how many players are in the map.

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