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[NA] That's No Tornado [SAND] Celebrating 4th Birthday - Come Join Us! 7/19 - 7/21


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Hey folks! It's that time of year again where we're celebrating our birthday, and as usual, we want to celebrate it with all of you. We’ll have an open Discord, lots of chatting, trivia and more to win prizes, and, of course… T6 Dry Top! Come get those precious Geodes and get to the cheapest Dry Top vendors possible in the game with us!

We encourage new and veteran players alike to join us for the festivities. Prizes are going to be available for winning to everyone present. All we ask is that you bring a celebratory and friendly spirit, the willingness to work together, and some fun! Please never feel shy to ask questions about Dry Top or to offer a helping hand in an area! Teamwork is what Dry Top is all about, and celebrating our birthday is no exception to that truth!

Our schedule can be found below for your convenience:

Friday July 19th, 2019: Free day. Get a squad together, start with a world boss train, then split up where folks would like to go. Dungeons or Fractals, karaoke in Discord, merriment! Whatever folks feel like doing, excluding difficult collection or mount collection help.

Saturday July 20th, 2019:

  • Dry Top: 11 am PDT - 2 pm PDT. Trivia and prizes included.
  • Dry Top: 6 pm PDT - 8 pm PDT. Trivia and prizes included.

Sunday July 21st (BIRTHDAY!):

  • Dry Top: 5 pm PDT - ??? PDT. Trivia and prizes included. This is our official birthday date! It’s our hope that we can enjoy at least 3 hours of T6 Dry Top.

We're always really excited to enjoy our favorite map with members of the Guild Wars 2 community. It's through the support of all of you that we continue to thrive in our desert home. Come join us whenever you please!

~ Muirellthe Moon

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