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Skyscale Wings Flickering Wings Cause Dizziness and or Nausea

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I hope the dev's look into a way that allows players to either:

A) Turn off the animation of other players skyscales.B) Have the option to not show their skyscales at all.
C) Make the wings a very slow motion action.D) Have a base ceiling height above players so the flickering wings are out of other players screens.

The reasoning: The wings flicker so fast they literally make me dizzy to the point of nausea. It becomes even more disconcerting when there is more then one flying. I've politely asked players to take their skyscales up higher or move and explain why. About 80 percent of the players are kind enough to do so. About 20 percent apparently find it funny and move lower and closer.

If your thought is - well if I don't like it move let me put that to rest. I have moved, I've almost missed some boss fights I've had to move so far away, I've even left maps and not worked on why I went to that map in the first place.

I am not the only one with this issue. When you ask in map chat for players to take their skyscales up higher and explain why, other players have stated they thought they were the only ones with that issue.

So I ask, please look into this issue and correct it. For some of us its becoming a grueling experience to play when the Skyscales fly.

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