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I am the audience, so are you. But, here are some bogus categories to put ourselves into for fun.

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Nothing serious; a distraction from the gloomy posts.

How would you define yourself as an audience member using the Crab Fear scale below? (the last line is my own self definition)

The main audience category you would first put yourself into are:

  • New
  • Out of practice (coming back)
  • Veteran (old)

Then you would need to decide what type of gamer you are:

  • Casual (you play with no real goal other than being here when it fancies you)
  • Hardcore (everything must be completed, at the most efficient pace, and we ain't got time for that)
  • Dedicated (you want to experience everything the game has to offer, but at your pace and with people who can accept that)

Then your feelings about the game:

  • Satisfied ( you like where it's at, and you like where it's going)
  • Unsatisfied (wait, you didn't sign up for this)
  • Anticipating ( you know in your heart what you want in sooner than soon , we wait a little longer)

Then your fidelity:

  • Married ( to play and to idle from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer for poorer content, in slumps and in hoohas until death do I part)
  • Friends with benefits. (play when convenient, but normally nothing else, maybe our eyes wander to offline digital content)
  • Polygamous (today GW2, tommorow ESO, the next day WoW. Oh hey, BSO called me for a weekend trip. Netflix and chill with Vindictus?)

Lastly, we have the outlook:

  • I looked, and there before me was a pale horse! (doomsayer)
  • A-net, F-yeah. Here to save the mudder-f day, yeah. (still the best in your opinion)

For myself, I guess I am a veteran casual anticipating new things, but we remain friends with bennis. That doesn't bug me because It's Alright.

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Definitely Veteran. I have had breaks from the game, but never long enough to completely loose touch with it... a few months tops.

Somewhere between Casual and Dedicated. In regards to open world exploration, map completions and story, yes I must do it all and I will find goals to work for between story releases... but I will never ever do PvP and I have no intrests in raids, only done lower tier fractals. So it is wrong to say that I want to experience eeeeverything. Usually call myself semi casual.

I am satisfied with the game... sure it might not be perfect for everyone and there is things I don't enjoy (I tend to skip those). I certainly don't need most of what others call for me. Looking forward to the next part of the story.

Married? Friends with benefits? I don't play any other MMO's and have no intrest in changing that. One MMO is plenty time consuming. I do play games on my nintendo switch though and especially love Pokémon. I guess I will say I am in a dedicated longterm relationship with GW2 and Pokémon, but I also spend time with friends sometimes.

Everything is alright.

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Veteran, Dedicated, Satisfied, Frienz+Benz, and ...Outlook doesn't have an option that suits me. I trust that ANet wants to make money by delivering a game that they (and we) would enjoy. Maybe they'll succeed; maybe not. I don't expect gloom; I don't expect zoom.

If we need to go serious oldies with a theme song, maybe it's...


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I’m not a vet, but playing off and on since late 2016, I don’t think I would still be considered new?

Casual, with elements of dedicatedI have many goals I’m working for, but I pursue them as I feel like or do something completely different if it catches my fancy. For me that keeps it fun! :)

Satisfied. Of course there are always things that would be improvements from my perspective, but very satisfied overall and occasionally delighted! :3

Hmm, I don’t like any of the categories here... I don’t play many games, but those I do I invest a lot of time in. Sometimes take breaks from gaming altogether because of rl stuff or I focus on something completely different, like reading books. But that’s one of the things I appreciate about GW2 — it doesn’t punish me for this open relationship, if you want to put it in those terms.

As for outlook, hopeful, cautiously optimistic (I am cynical by nature so I’d say that’s pretty good :p )

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Veteran casual-dedicated anticipating and.....ugh, polyamory is disgusting. Mixing Greek and Latin roots like that.Multiamorous. :)

Outlook is a bit bipolar, but . . I am seeing more mis-steps than wins coming from GW2. Something needs to pull the game back from its tenuous position.

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Main Audience: VeteranType of Gamer: Casual, but once Hardcore and Dedicated in the pastFeelings: Unsatisfied
Fidelity: Divorced and currently not dating, but may pop into her house every month or two just to see how things are going since she doesn't have a problem with it and still allows me to have her house key for some reason. . . . . . until the actual Divorce papers come through that is (next expansion comes out). Also waiting for a mail order bride in the future named Borderlands 3.

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What an amusing exercise here, and I can't resist.I"m a Veteran, and Dedicated (though Hardcore in a few areas).
I'm Satisfied with a bit of Anticipation and hope for a solid, timely release of future content.Up until a couple of years ago, I was Married to this game - others surely didn't exist. However, with a GW2 friend iI tried out a few other games, which I've continued to play and enjoy as well. Sooo, I've become Polygamous, but GW 2 remains my 'first and primary wife' : PMy outlook is 'Anet F-yeah'. I continue to like their efforts to try new things and make the game better.

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I am a satisfied, dedicated, polygamous veteran who thinks that this game is alright. =)

What a weird sentence.

! While there's certainly areas I think this game could improve on, I greatly enjoy my time playing this game, and have been playing it semi-regularly for 7 years (since release). I like to make the most out of the content I can do, and it's one of my most most played games. That said, I regularly play many other games, some older than GW2, like NFS HP2010, and Skyrim, and some newer titles like Starbound, Trials Rising, FO4, GRW, the list goes on. Only my favourite games become ones I regularly return to though; GW2 being one of them, and the other titles I just listed being only a few of those.

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