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Does GS see usage in PvE content?


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(It’s me again. If you’ve seen my other posts, I appreciate your commitment)

For open world, it’s great. For most PvE content it seems like most people only use it for mobility or in fights where there isn’t a break bar to worry about. Also, from what I’ve gathered, condi berserker seems to be the way to go for most endgame content. Are there many power builds that run GS?

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For fractals and open world, power is far superior because of its bursty potential. Greatsword has insane cleave on Berserker - Arc Divider, one of the best cleave skills in game (if also paired with Blood Reckoning heal). For raids, it depends on boss. Some bosses favor condi, some power. Good raid boss to use greatsword on is e.g. Xera (you dps Xera with axe/axe most of the time and swap to greatsword when mobs are around, obviously).

There is also power DPS berserker build that uses greatsword

and has good sustained dps, good for raids. But for fractals it lacks high bursts compared to soulbeast, dragonhunter, etc, which are important when you want to melt stuff fast after breaking defiance bars.
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Here is a very good explanation of PvE warrior by someone who knows warrior better than i ever will

Do not that if you are playing power builds in PvE, axe is your maind DPS weapons. And you can use GS on bosses where you aren't required to bring CC. If you are required to bring in CC then you will have to change your GS for hammer or dual maces

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