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Elite specialisation trade-offs

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With the new philosophy of elite specialisations getting trade-offs, I can't help but feel it's being implemented in a wrong manner.Rather than making the elite specialisations feel clunky or destroy its base mechanics (holo overheat time-out / chrono no clone shatter / berserker enrage cooldown) why not add things to the core classes?For example a f5 shatter for core mesmer, a mecha-suit f5 for core engineer which you need to charge up to 100 electricity before being able to use it, an f5 skill for core ranger which can be used after several flanking strikes, core warrior getting an f2 burst skill with a high cooldown which is being shortened for every f1 burst.

I understand that after years of growth some pruning must be done but please stop making classes unfun to play. Everyone knows that elite specialisations are far stronger than core classes because they add more damage/healing/evades and more skills/utility to our action bars that a 3rd core line just doesn't have.

Atleast we will get new elite specialisations soon considering destroying old elites has been the main tactic for Anet to sell the new ones so cheers to that I guess.

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They actually did that with Rev btw, it got a new core only skill.

But part of it is just as much that the Elite's broke one of the main purposes of the Elite's in the first place, to be a different way to play the same class, but at the same power level. Horizontal and not Vertical advancement, and that is the part they're trying to fix by giving draw-backs to the elites.

Curious to see how it turns out, it seems they're taking a long term project out of it.

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