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Vision of Action : Sandswept Isle ( Progression BLOCKED )

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So again the same problem since the release of the legendary jewelry collection I can't buy the item "Equipment Visionthe item requires to have finished the collection of the olmakhanne bandolier case in order to be able to buy itand I did everything!! I finished the achievements "lasting bonds " I have the bandolier 32 slot but impossible to buy the item and this since the release of the jewelry I have already sent several bug report made another post on the forum and NOTHING 0 answer( in doubt yes I have already disassembled the bandolier belt and equipped again on all my characters and nothing does I am blocked! )So a little help ANET please for once THANK YOU!

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Can you show a screenshot of the two relevant collections? Visions of Sandswept Isles and Lasting Bonds: What Comes Next?I ask because the title refers to the "vision of action" while the text of your post refers to the "equipment vision". I want to make sure there's no confusion about what part is stuck for you.

I'm sure you already know this; it's mostly to help anyone else troubleshooting: the steps are as follows...

  • Olmakhan Mantle (completing the umbrella collection for "A Bug in the System")
  • Vision of Dragons: Aurene
  • Vision of Allies: Rox
  • Vision of Enemies: Kuda's Subjects
  • Vision of Landscapes: Sandwept Isles
  • Vision of Equipment: Olmakhan Bandolier ← this is the part that needs the bandolier, vision of equipment
  • Vision of Action: Sandswept Isles: "Help the youth learn to provide." ← the vision of action requires doing the fish-catching event
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@"Delilah.7513" said:i try sorry first time

Nothing to be sorry about. I just wanted to make sure I was helping you with the right part of the collection.If you aren't sure how to post screenshots, that's okay.

Another option is that you can share an API key, that would allow me to look at the collection.Here's the link: https://account.arena.net/applications

It's "secure" in the sense that the only things I can see are what you allow me to see, which in this case you could limit to "account" and "progression." (Although checking all the boxes would allow me to take a look at whether you have/don't have relevant items, it's probably not necessary.) The API key cannot ever tell me your logon ID nor anything "personal."

Or you can just manually inspect and report back. That works; it's just more time consuming.

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