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Trade of duplicate purchased Black Lion Trading Company Items

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Please developers, allow a few days or an NPC where you can exchange items you have purchased from the Black Lion Trading Company prior to the Shared Bank Space such as Copper-fed Salvage-o-matics or multiple infinite harvesting tools for other items or vouchers for different things. Even if it is a 2-1 or 3-1 trade, I am sure other players would be happy with doing that rather than just deleting the items to increase inventory space.


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When Shared Inventory Slots came out, I just sent in a support ticket asking if I could be refunded for the extra Salvage-o-matics I had and they fulfilled the request. They also refunded all 8 of the ones a friend had.

Just send in a support ticket!

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It depends how recently you purchased. Generally, Support figures that once we've owned an item for X period of time, we've gotten "fair use" from it. ("X" is generally understood to be around a month, but there's no set cutoff; depending on circumstances, they might wiggle an extension.)

Regardless, it can't hurt to ask. The worst that happens is that they'll say, "no."

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