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Anyone else think they should tone down the White on these forums ?

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@Donari.5237 said:My initial feedback was to ask for a more parchment color. I guess that doesn't fit the red and white theme of ANet's logo, though. I'd still appreciate it if they made things a bit more cream than this.

If you would like me to, I would be happy to alter my existing dark/gray FireFox theme to your color preference. The dark version is linked below. I initially focused on lessening extra space, distractions, clutter and altering colors (as well as moving the notification pop-up box from center screen to lower left) and I think it worked out well. I later found a thread by Khisanth and liked some of his layout alterations, so I added some aspects of them to my theme with additional adjustments..

As I began to mention, if you would me to alter the colors of my theme for FireFox (linked below) to your preference (with or without the layout alterations), I would be happy to tweak it until it is as you would like it to be.

Stylish is also available for Chrome, but my CSS is using a FireFox-specific rule so that the changes only affect this forum and not any other site. I'd need to look up the equivalent for chrome (or a non-browser specific domain limiter rule) if you are using Chrome and want to use the theme I would alter for you.

If you are interested, message me and I'll try my best.

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