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PvP chrono feedbacks


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so after 5 days of testing multiple chrono builds here are my feedbacks (I already hear people coming to tell me : "I told you") :

Direct damage :

I can't manage to find a good direct damage build :Main issues are that we need sustain from other trait line by taking master of manipulation on chaos for example but by doing this we drop way to much damage to be efficient.Same for utility skill if we drop MoD to busrt we haven't any output.A core direct damage build is more efficient.


Testing some : duel/illusion/chrono, domination/illusion/chrono or duel/domination/chrono with staff/scepter,torch or sword/torch, scepter/pistol :

  • Duel/illusion/chrono : It depends of the opponent buttoo much weak to focus.
  • X/Domination/Chrono : master of manipulation and CI basically carry thoses builds chrono change just the core version to much dps while core have more burst.

Overall, dammage on condi chrono are oriented to long term pressure with F2 on low coldown the problem is that mirage is already in this spot and do this way better.And concerning condi burst, core is way better.

Tank / utility :

  • Utility suffer the same sustain problem as direct damage, there is some thing but it's not better than core.
  • Tank : there is a permaboon troll tank build chaos/inspiration/chrono with buffed signet and distortion chaos trait under perma boons with very high survability mean like scrapper pre-nerf. Signet under perma alacrity work well. The problem is that contrary to scrapper, this build has 0 teamfight, map control or kisscool(debuff) utilty. You haven't aoe reflect to help your allies, you haven't aoe heal, you haven't utility gyro (before nerf) etc. Basically you tank and that's it, you have 0 damage output and all trait/effects are self oriented. It's weak to usual SB / scourge anti-boons. The only good thing is a CC combo with gravity well and shield 5 but it's too poor to worth the slot in a meta where everyone have aoe hard CC.

On a side note, the countercast on shield is fucking annoying, you will get CCed or bursted everytime before the phantasm pop at the end of the block and the phantasm fails 2 times out 3 thanks to CC/evade. (I didn't use shield since a long time but it's insane how uneffective it can be between the unreliable phantasm or the wave who is efficent only in melee under quickness.)

So yeah apart to a troll tank build who isn't really usefull, I don't thing chrono can have a spot in PvP atually. (however, I did not lose any places at the leaderboard after 30 games playing chrono.)

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It is as you said, now chronomancer is weak and the strongest build for it now is when you play condi chrono. however unlike mirage, Chrono does not have any utility skill that gives a damaging condition or any trait in the build which gives damaging condition. In fact Chrono can only inflect the following conditions:

All other conditions are inflected by weapons or shatters which mean it applies to Mesmer class over all. However mirage can inflict damaging conditions via traits and utility skills which makes it safe to assume (Mirage > Mesmer > Chrono) regarding condition damage.

Support chrono has faded away and its basically as you said its just a troll chrono who can only support none other than himself in which scrapper and FB can perfome better at trolling.

Now finally damaging chrono which is exactly as you said, chrono can overpower mirage, but it must meet some conditions to do so:

  • Enemy must have slow condition ( which can be easily cleansed )
  • Dropping the clone based build and focus on mantra burst dmg (this will make you lose alot of sustain, in which you were able to use shatter freely before

Fact: chrono has become clone based spec, you can make a build which spam clones, a lot of them. However in comparison between mirage and chrono with the same build of clone spamming, mirage can spam more clones. Finally mirage can provide (Evade/Clocking) to his clones resulting of keeping them alive unlike chrono.

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And don't forget Mirage can apply Protection to its clones unlike Chrono, which pops them and then watches them pop into thin air.It's truly frustrating and beyond belief how unfun Chrono is now in PvP and WvW. You're better off going Core Mesmer if you don't have PoF. Otherwise use Mirage until that one gets tradeoffs like losing its IP as well or perhaps losing an arm and a leg like Chrono just did.

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