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First-Person Camera... While Mounted!

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I logged in this morning, and found myself in Sparkfly Swamp with the Tequatl appearance underway. The bone wall was up, and Teq was pretty healthy, so I correctly inferred that the event was undermanned and doomed to failure. So instead of going in to assist the handful of valiant players, I thought I'd take my new Skyscale up and seek out new screenshot opportunities. Naturally, the first location I thought to try was directly overhead:


I was zoomed out all the way (possibly further than normal because of the built-in Boss-Cam adjustments). But I realized that my mount was still blocking most of the view below.

So I zoomed in all the way, even though I knew in my head that I couldn't use first-person camera mode while mounted...


...Wouldn't it be cool, though, if ANet added that ability? (As a SEPARATE option from the normal first-person camera option. I can understand that not everyone who likes first-person camera would like it while mounted).

Not only would this option give people a simulated experience of what it would be like to be able to fly, but it would open up a ton of possibilities for awesome new screen captures from a heretofore unexplored angle. (Think DRONE plus GO-PRO CAMERA... it's all the rage today out in the real world).

Technically, what I'm suggesting would be from the mount's point of view. True first-person view - as if you were looking down from the back of your mount - would block even MORE of the action below. (But could also be an interesting experience if they wanted to give us more options!)

By the way, Tequatl shot me down as I blithely hovered there taking photos. Kudos to the ANet team for not making me invulnerable to attack!

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Both the first-person for character and first-person for mount would be phenomenal. Mostly to just satiate my curiosity on what flying (not gliding) with my own wings would look like and to experience what my mounts go through. (though I'd probably prefer a character first-person or camera in front of mount view for the roller beetle.... true mount view would just be a nauseating rolling experience lol)

But yes, I'd love this too.

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