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Scrapper 2, Turrets 0

Mighty Favazz.1546

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Now that Anet has taken the time to rewrite Scrapper twice (and still can't get it right), can we now turn our attention to core? Can we do something with Turrets like give them the ammo business??Also, can you fix it so at least scrapper gets barrier from turrets, or would THAT still be too powerful for turrets? 87 from a rifle turret sounds a bit much, granted.

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@"Mil.3562" said:I thought turrets can be traited to give barrier? Not sure though.

in the inventions trait line you can take experimental turrets which gives a "reflective barrier" but that's not the yellow/tan health bar barrier its a projectile refelct like the bulkwork gyro has. Also, it spawns really slow which makes it tough to use to reflect specific attacks.

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@MrForz.1953 said:The idea of core being looked at frightens me.

Don't be frightened. Cheer up. Right now Engineer is arguably one of the worst core professions. If they do an overhaul of core engineer chances are better than even that won't change. There's little point putting you're hopes into Anet's dev/balance crew. This only leads to disappointment. Once you learn this and accept it it's actually quite liberating. I compare it to a child who, having lost all faith in Santa, binges on milk and cookies on Christmas Eve -leaves nothing or the jolly, old elf and heads to bed, but not before flipping off the fire place and slamming the door to his room shut. Why bother being good all year when Nick never bothers or is incapable of reading/comprehending your letters well enough to get the delivery right?

As George Carlin put it(paraphrasing) 'the world becomes a more entertaining place when you no longer feel you have a stake in the outcome.'

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