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Dextrous Dodger eligibility broken?

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Of course as soon as I make a post about this, it somehow fixes itself. The icon came back this time and I have no idea why. I guess disregard this thread.

I loaded up the war eternal episode and went to the purple marker to enter the final instance in achievement mode. I confirmed that I had the yellow eligibility icon at the start of the instance. I started fighting the first group of enemies and lost the yellow icon. I must have triggered a trap and failed, right? So I logged out to reset the instance.

Well... Now every time I go into the instance, the yellow eligibility icon is missing. I tried relogging multiple times. I tried shutting the game down and restarting. I tried quitting the episode and restarting. I tried starting a different episode, quitting that one, and restarting this episode. I tried starting a new episode on a different character. Nothing I do works. It seems I can never get this achievement now.

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