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Endless tonics in a different way...

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I just couldn't resist posting theese images of me using tonics! :p

Looks like a mother Sand Shark with it's baby shark! :) Using the Endless Desert Mystery Tonic + Mini Sand Shark.

The sand shark transformation is at full size. Same size as the medium sized sand sharks. One of the largest transformation in-game. ^^

If you like huge sizes then it would have been awsome if there was a tonic that transformed you into different champions/legendary or bosses. ;)

Well maby transforming into bosses will get out of hand but why not into champion/legendary mobs? I don't think it is unreasonable size wise.

Atleast those with appropriate sizes unless you can zoom out more, temporarily while transformed.

Imagine an Endless Champion/Legendary Combat Tonic! B)

While retaining your combat abilities the movement animations and attack effects looks like that of the real mob.

Or just a non combat tonic will suffice as well if the former is too much. Would be awsome! B)w0KIHjh.jpg

Celestial + Ghostly infusion still applies to Endless Fury Combat Tonic while transformed! :p Maby other similar infusions do as well...HBpGibh.jpg

Adding a video to this post! ^^

I noticed that if you press down left mouse button while using A or D on keyboard you spin around and around while transformed.

Also noticed that the mini pet spins around and around when you do this! =)

It's a shame though because it spins too close to yourself. :o

They should change it so that this mini pet is a bit further away so you can see it clearly side by side spinning around. :)

Look for yourselves and here you can also see the size against NPC's...

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