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What rune goes well with 1k needles?


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Disregarding 1kneedles, I've been testing with krait/rata/thorn/afflicted/nightmare for condi builds but I think I like nightmare the best for now especially since we have fear on stealth hits. It's not too bad with 1kneedle but not to be relied solely on that of course. I'm still testing on variations of core/daredevil/deadeye. I need a reliable way to deploy trap that doesn't require ahead of time, and if I don't want to use stealth, signet of shadows for the blinds isn't bad. Was using a d/d set though.Offtopic, but what is max achievable poison tick for thief on a lord? or what is the high end at least? Let's say sunnyhill lord

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I use two differn sets of runes on the two condition builds I use. In P/D I am focused on torment so use Tormenting runes. This bossts the Torment to 100 percent duration. Now this the runes I used prior to changes and I saw no real need to change up but I have noticed that in this build, due to the more mobile nature, I am using Preps less than I used traps in the old. This because of that arm time. Even though thePrep overall more "effective", I have very often moved in those three seconds they take to arm meaning it harder to lure a person to the trap.

In d/d with the dearedevil spec I am actualy using Mirage runes. This because I ge oodles of evades and this adds 1 torment every evade. Couple with impaling lotus and or your deathblossom evades and you can continously add on torment. While the total stacks from this alone not overly high , it a continous ongoing Cover condition that helps against cleanses even as it ticks for damage.

For a preparation specific build, I am not sure any really advantageous with Preparations specifically. Virtually any of the Condition specific runes should be fun and I see no reason to take one over another just because of preparations.

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@DemonSeed.3528 said:Speaking of which, what armor stat to take if on a non-HoT acc for condi? I don't see much flexible choices.

Depends on weapon set. For P/d or s/d and in purre condition you likely best off with Dire. If you feel daring and go Hyrbrid Carrion will do. I myself use Grievers and Trailblazers in these sets.

In D/D I find you rely on Deathblossom a lot and will find it very hard to stealth or swap to SB to break off when needed. It very vulnerable when INI starts to drop and especially against oppoents that understand when your vulnerable frames occur and or that can spam AOE type damage. As such I found the added toughness/vitality of dire not as valuable and that a Combination of settlers/shamans/apothecary works best. You can then take SOM and rely on your damaging attacks to also heal at adecent clip. Overall damage out per tick can take a hit from lower raw condition damage stat here but I think it made up for by being able to last longer in a fight wherein you just keep layering on stacks of the bleeds.

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