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For the WvWers, how does feel the longbow now?


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The bow is better in damage, is you never use sic Em like me it was a buff to ranger, i play survival + stance skills (and the trait than share it) you can perma protection and have fury and quickness up to 25sec, one wolf pack stance is very good to extra damage with quickness and its shared with mates.

I play always with medium armor clases, in squad i bring moa stance, dolyak stance and one wolf pack. i hope devs made the stance share trait range bigger.

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LB4 is only worse on long range and that's not where you typically use it.LB5 buff was nice.Overall the changes are nice. Even for PvE it's great now. No more long range pushes from noobs. Only some mere 100 distance which isn't even out of GS range.Overall I am happy with the changes.

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LB4 is for getting to a target as close as possible and pushing them off a cliff, or hopefully pushing an enemy off an ally that is about to get coup de graced. But you can sigil/rune up with a few traits, to cause a Stun effect when you hit with a knockback. Unfortunately Permaboon reflect and other boons makes that effect absolutely worthless completely. And the number of stun breaks makes it even worse.

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