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I'm just trying to clear the raids out at least once. If its fun id do it more but it seems kind of impossible from my perspective. Every week for almost a year i try to find groups in game to raid with and ive never killed a raid boss. Everyone just fails the first boss and that's the end of the group or people ask me a question and i tell them this is my first time raiding or that ive never done something and then they just kick me.

It feels kind of hopefully to get into raiding or clear any of them at this point to be honest. :/ I dont understand how this part of the game can be so dead compared to the rest of it. Are raids just really bad and unpopular so that only a few groups ever do anything or something?

Do people sell lots of carry runs in this game? Because the closed off community and the super sloppy mechanics of the raids that are more hard because of how unprecise they are then the actual mechanics sorta leads me to believe that there be a big market on it and is probably why raiding really hasn't improved only gotten worse >.<

I was considering just starting to stream trying to get into a raid every week to show what i go through because i listen and im friendly and groups just sort of don't exist...

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