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[Proposal] More pet to tame


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Hello !

Could it be possible to do like WoW with the pets ?

In WoW, you can have most of all animals and creatures you can find everywhere, there is more than 200-300 differents pets you can tame in the game.

Could it be possible, than most of the Gw2 creatures from a different types can be tame ?

Would be awesome ranger have lot lot lot of pets in their collections.


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@"Hannelore.8153" said:They should separate pets into generic families (e.g feline), and just make the individual types into skins you earn by taming.For example: Find a Lynx->Tame it->Skin is unlocked for generic "Wildcat" pet.

In this way you could make any mob in the game tameable without breaking balance.

Yes this.But before they do that they should just overhaul all core pets to properly function with quickness, have a unified precision calculation and actual good skills to use.I think more pets should stay away until the old ones are usable.

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