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gimme yo' Soulbeast builds


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ive been trying out many things personally and cant quite find what i want out of soulbeast. the problem, i dont know what i want. SO! lets see all them builds!PvP builds, WvW builds, PvE builds, Raid, Fractal, anything!

right now im set up with: D/D + A/H with Bristleback and smokescale as petssoldier's gear (its my generalist armor for open world stuff), using Soulbeast runes, Zerker accessories/rings/back/amulet, with Viper's WeaponsWilderness 3 1 3Skirmish 2 3 1Soulbeast 2 1 1

Bear stance, Moa stance, Dolyak stance, signet of stone, "strength of the pack" as my utilities

i have access to any weapon, but im rather limited on stats (especially HoT/LW ones) outside of my axe/horn, with great dislike for LB (i find it dull)

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