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Torches in crystal oasis


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Has anyone found/lit all the torches in the southern area near the Jackel mastery point puzzle? They're extremely hard to see but I assume something happens when they're all lit. I just can't deal with the 50502093923090293920302939020302930923902302303202309029309233902 mobs hitting me while trying to find the extremely hard to see unlit torches.

Does it open up a portal somewhere in the empty fountain looking area with the two torches?

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@Ojimaru.8970 said:When you light all the torches, you'll hear a familiar theme play, and a MASSIVE chest will appear at the altar-like structure near the Sand Sharks.

Three guess what this mini-dungeon is an easter egg of.

If the iconic Zelda secret theme plays, I will flip my shit.

But I think that idea's too good to be true. Something GW1-related, I imagine?

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