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Maybe coming back with question

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So I fired up the game after some time away. I was greeted by birthday presents which were nice. But I also got a lot of items as gifts only I can't use them. So now I have an inventory half filled with items that were given to me as gifts but I can't use them. So what should I do with all this stuff? I click use on all these items and get a message I can't use it lol.

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At a guess they're XP scrolls which come from birthday gifts. These level your character to a fixed level - for example for the first birthday you get a scroll which will raise a character to level 20. But they can't be used by any character above that level because they won't do anything. If you think those are likely to be useful you could keep them (I like to keep enough scrolls/tomes to instantly level a character to 80, just in case I want to do that) and if not delete them.

If that's not it you can either tell us what they are and we can tell you what you can do with them or you can look each item up on the Wiki to find out what it's for.

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Bday giftshttps://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Birthday_Gift

There's a lot of consumable appearance items that don't necessarily disappear out of your bag after you use them, like the luminous skins, and you can destroy them after the appearance gets added to the account.

There is also a boatload of boosters like the 30min xp booster which you can use or toss.

The Teleport To Friend items are very useful, keep those

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@Ashantara.8731 said:

@wmtyrance.3571 said:OK, I did destroy them. So all better now thx for replies guys. The boosters I keep but some items my class could not use or something. Not regular gear either. I'm not logged in so I can't recall the item names.

I hope you added each skin to your wardrobe before you destroyed it...

Yes, I did I got quite a few of them too.

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