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July Monthly Tournament

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Hello ,
Perhaps it would be time to set up the Swiss round system, ithat was announced for the first time in 2018. This would avoid the frustration of knockout elimination Brackets.
In addition, I could be wise to set up quickly in pvp ranked 5v5 (full team) and ranked 2v2, with the same kind of ladder as the Solo/Duo Ranked, but with every game mode with his own ladder (Dont think it's that complicated to set up)
I can give you screenshots of examples I designed in a few minutes.
Good evening to you and good luck


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  • ArenaNet Staff

@memausz.7264 said:

@Rubi Bayer.8493 said:Hello everyone,

For the past couple weeks, we’ve seen a lot of instability in automated tournaments. Because of this, we have decided to cancel the July monthly tournament. We’re working to get these issues resolved as fast as we can. Once we do resolve the issues, we will hold an extra “monthly” tournament to catch up.

Thank you for your patience.

Wait, so our qualifying points will still be valid for the
AT (whenever that is), right? I really would rather not waste 300+ QP.

Yeah, we're planning to not clear QP until a monthly is run.

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We want 2v2 and you take it away from us and we're stuck in those boring 5v5 conquest that everyone throwing games there. nice, make more single player content and new maps with new currencies to farm some collections and achievements that no one will ever repeat.

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